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Priorities of the foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus

Adhering to common approaches to the development of relations with all its foreign partners, Belarus at the same time, like any other state, concentrates its foreign policy efforts on a number of most important and promising vectors.

Neighbour states are among them. First of all, it is the Russian Federation, the strategic cooperation with which is built on the basis of the Agreement on Establishment of the Union State of Belarus and Russia.

Consistently advancing the ideas of integration, Belarus takes an active and constructive position in integration unities in the post-Soviet space – the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

An objectively important partner for Belarus is the European Union. The interaction with it and its member-states is based on trade, economic and investment cooperation.

Belarus consecutively stands for the normalization of dialogue and extension of relations with the United States of America.

The relations of comprehensive strategic partnership are developed with the People’s Republic of China. The cooperation with the countries of the “far arc” of the Belarusian foreign policy – states of Asia, Africa and Latin America – steadily gains more importance.

An important direction of Belarus’ foreign policy is multilateral diplomacy. Our country aims to contribute to solution of global problems, counteraction to contemporary threats and challenges. Traditionally it takes an active part in the UN and other international organizations’ activities, generates approaches and initiatives that offer a uniting agenda for all members of international community, promote dialogue and help to bridge the dividing lines.

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