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Registration of foreign citizens temporary staying in Belarus

Article 41 of the Republic of Belarus Act of 4 January 2010 “On the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Republic of Belarus” establishes the obligation of foreign citizens and stateless persons (hereinafter referred to as foreigners) temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus, to register in a registration body at the place of actual temporary stay within ten days, unless otherwise specified by this Act, other legislative acts and international treaties of the Republic of Belarus.

The Republic of Belarus has signed the agreements with Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, ensuring a special mode for citizens of these countries who can stay in Belarus for up to 30 without registration. Russian citizens can stay on the territory of Belarus for up to 90 days without registration. If a foreigner intends to exceed this period, it is necessary to obtain a permit for temporary or permanent residence depending on the purpose of entry. The period of registration for a foreigner is regulated by international treaties concluded with various countries.

Electronic registration of foreigners is carried out through the Unified portal for electronic services free of charge.

This administrative procedure is available for foreigners who entered the Republic of Belarus crossing points of the state border of the Republic of Belarus. Foreigners arriving in the Republic of Belarus through the state border with the Russian Federation should apply in person to the citizenship and migration unit of the internal affairs body at their place of residence in Belarus for registration.

In case of personal appeal of temporarily staying foreigners to the citizenship and migration units of the internal affairs bodies, registration is carried out in the previously established order.

One will have to apply personally to the citizenship and migration unit at the place of residence in two cases: if a foreigner wants to renew registration at the same address, which he/she indicated in the electronic application, or if he/she arrives in Belarus through the border with Russia.

A foreigner does not have to carry proof of electronic registration. It is enough to report this, for example, to a border guard officer when leaving the country. If one has necessary technical means, one can save a screenshot of the answer about the successful registration or print the registration form, this will speed up the verification process.

It you have any issues of concern regarding the implementation of the specified administrative procedure, contact our technical support service of the National Center for Electronic Services by phone +375 (17) 311 30 00, ext. 713 and the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by phone +375 (17) 218 55 08, +375 (17) 218 52 51.

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