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In accordance with the Regulations on the Foreign Trade Activity Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 978 on 31 July 2006, the Department performs the following tasks:

♦ Promotion of exports of goods and services;

♦ Coordination of establishement and application of the foreign trade regime of the Republic of Belarus;

♦ Protection of economic interests of Belarus;

♦ Participation in development and implementation of state programs on social and economic development of Belarus in terms of foreign trade activity;

♦ Coordinating function in terms of development of the negitiation position and a package of documents on Belarus’ accession to the World Trade Organization;

♦ Coordinating function in development and implementation of national programs for export promotion;

♦ Performance of analysis of foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus, including foreign trade commodity and geographical structures;

♦ Participation in the analysis of the foreign trade balance and development of predictive indicators of foreign trade;

♦ Coordinating function in tariff regulation of foreign trade;

♦ Monitoring of implementation of non-tariff regulation of foreign trade, as well as monitoring of customs legislation in terms of fulfilment by the Republic of Belarus its international obligations in this area, assessment of the effectiveness of application of non-tariff regulations system;

♦ Implementation of trade remedies in foreign trade on the basis of investigations carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

♦ Participation in development of programs on enhancement of Belarus’ export potential;

♦ Protection of the economic interests of the Republic of Belarus, natural persons and legal entities of the Republic of Belarus abroad;

♦ Assisstance in raising inward foreign investment, creating of an investment profile of Belarus abroad and Belarus’ investment rating.

Contacts for your proposals:
Directorate-General for Foreign Economic Activity
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

vul.Lienina, 19
220030 Minsk

Tel./fax: (00375) 17 327 84 57

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