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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus is a republican body of governance reporting to the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

The MFA pursues a public policy in the domain of foreign relations and coordinates our country’s international political and economic activity in line with the Bylaw (in Russian) on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, enacted by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.
The MFA system comprises a central office, diplomatic and consular posts abroad as well as Information Republican Unitary Enterprise “National Centre for Marketing and Price Study”.
The MFA is responsible for the sphere of international relations. Its mission is to promote the rights and interests of the Republic of Belarus on the international arena; ensure the exercise of rights of Belarusian citizens and organizations abroad; provide favorable conditions for advancing our economic interests abroad; collect information about and study the conditions and tendencies in international development; draft regulations on the foreign-policy and foreign-economic course of the Republic of Belarus etc.
The MFA also coordinates cooperation between local and foreign governmental bodies, international organizations and intergovernmental institutions; organizes and participates in the visits of state and government delegations of the Republic of Belarus abroad; negotiates with the representatives of foreign countries, international organizations and intergovernmental institutions; contributes to organizing international forums both in Belarus and abroad, etc.

Belarus maintains diplomatic relations with 177 countries of the world and is represented today by foreign offices in 59 countries worldwide. In 2014 Belarus established embassies in Australia, Qatar, Mongolia, Pakistan, Ecuador and Consulate General in Milan (Italy), in 2016 — in Georgia and Spain, the Embassy of Belarus fully restored its operation in Sweden.

45 foreign embassies, 4 embassy branch offices, 2 trade missions, 35 consular offices (including honorary consuls), 15 missions to international organizations and 88 foreign diplomatic missions with concurrent accreditation are present in Belarus. 

Belarus is party to around 3900 international agreements including over 2200 bilateral and around 1700 multilateral.
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