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Belarus and countries of Latin America

Development of cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as with major integration associations of this region gets in line with the long-term goal of Belarus to pursue a balanced foreign policy.

Belarus considers Latin America as an important platform for integration into international trade and economic relations. The economies of Belarus and the leading countries of the region complement one another.

Understanding the necessity to secure a just world order and achieve sustainable development goals bring together Belarus and a number of Latin American countries. Relations with some of them have already reached the strategic partnership level, while relations with the others witness an increasing level of cooperation in the political sphere, trade, economy, education, science, etc.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Barbados in 2019, Belarus officially maintains diplomatic relations with all 33 States of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Belarusian embassies are located in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. Besides countries of their residence, most of Belarusian Ambassadors are concurrently accredited to neighboring countries. As a result, Belarus is officially represented in all major Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

Along with that, Honorary Consuls promote interests of Belarus in Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua and Uruguay.

Brazil remains one of the leading trade partners of Belarus in Latin America. Expansion of the multifaceted cooperation with Brazil, which has the population of roughly 210 million people, meets the strategic interests of Belarus. The main emphasis in this regard is made on further development of cooperation in trade, economic, scientific, technical and a number of other areas.

Belarus is interested in strengthening cooperation on both bilateral and multilateral tracks with the dynamically evolving Colombia. This country, which has the population of roughly 50 million people and quite a broad market, can become a convenient platform for promoting Belarusian interests in the rapidly growing “Pacific Alliance” (currently unites Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, accounting for 260 million people; Ecuador with the population of 18 million people is expected to join them in the near future). 

In October 2021, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Evgeny Shestakov, visited Colombia and Ecuador to hold political consultations. This visit allowed to relaunch political, trade, economic and cultural contacts with Colombia and Ecuador. During the visit to Colombia, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministries of culture of the two countries. An important component of the visit was the official opening ceremony of the Embassy of Belarus in Colombia with the participation of Colombian parliamentarians, representatives of ministries and business circles.

Trade in services plays a special role in cooperation with Ecuador. A good example is a branch of “Belorusneft” company that operates successfully in Ecuador for more than five years. Investments in the oil and gas sector of Ecuador, provided by “Belorusneft”, had laid the groundwork for the development of the exploitation of oil reserves.

Constructive cooperation is maintained with Argentina. In April 2021, Belarusian-Argentine consultations were held through a videoconference at an expert level with the participation of representatives of regional and legal departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of Argentina.

Cuba remains a long-standing partner of Belarus in the region. The high level of bilateral political, trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation, along with mutual support in the international arena are traditional elements of the relations between Belarus and Cuba. The official visit of the President of Cuba, Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, to Belarus in October 2019 confirmed the strategic nature of bilateral relations, allowed to determine steps for further development of cooperation in trade, economic and other promising areas. The meeting of the two Presidents reaffirmed the mutual desire to strengthen friendly ties between Belarus and Cuba. Bilateral cooperation is steadily evolving in agriculture, environmental protection, education and culture. 

Friendly relations are maintained with Venezuela. In 2021, joint events with Venezuela gave a qualitatively new impetus to bilateral relations. These events include the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the two countries on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in September 2021, the visit of the special envoy of the President of Venezuela A.Chavez to Belarus in October 2021, the meeting of the Belarusian-Venezuela joint high-level commission in December 2021 in Caracas.

In 2021, the political dialogue with Nicaragua was intensified. In September 2021, Foreign Ministers of the two countries met on the sidelines of the high-level segment session of the UN General Assembly. In October 2021, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada Colindres, paid an official visit to Belarus. 

An increasingly important trend in cooperation with Latin American countries is the expansion of services for machinery made in Belarus and other countries, as well as services in construction, oil production and seismic exploration.

The coronavirus pandemic postponed most of the mutual visits and other joint activities with the countries of the Latin American region scheduled for 2020–2021. To maintain contacts with Latin American partners, the videoconference format was actively used.

At present, major efforts of the Belarusian foreign policy in Latin America are concentrated on strengthening high-level dialogue with top-priority partners and developing trade and economic relations with other high-potential countries of the region.

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