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Belarus and Turkmenistan

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Belarus and Turkmenistan were established on January 21, 1993. Over the past years solid basis for the cooperation between our states has been built. 

The Embassy of Turkmenistan has been functioning in Minsk since October 1995. Embassy of the Republic of Belarus began its work in Ashgabat in July 2002.

Belarus and Turkmenistan maintain an active political dialogue. In October 2019, on the sidelines of the meeting of the CIS Heads of States Council in Ashgabat a bilateral meeting of the presidents of two countries took place.

The legal framework of bilateral cooperation is made up of over 100 agreements of various levels.

Contacts between the Foreign Ministries have a constructive nature, Belarus and Turkmenistan successfully interact in the international arena, provide mutual support in elections to UN bodies. The Republic of Belarus supported the initiatives of Turkmenistan as a state that chaired the CIS in 2019, aimed at improving the work of this international organization.

The priority area of bilateral relations is trade and economic cooperation. In 2020, despite the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the Belarusian-Turkmen economic cooperation showed positive dynamics compared to 2019. The trade turnover amounted to $ 25.7 million, the export of Belarusian goods – $ 20.6 million. The assortment of food products and Belarusian medicines are traditionally widely represented on the Turkmen market. Belarus also supplies car tires and batteries, woodworking products and a number of other items of goods. Belarusian automobile, tractor and agricultural machinery are widely represented in Turkmenistan.

Table and kitchen linen, textile clothes, cotton fabrics, oil products, plastic dishes and household items are being imported from Turkmenistan.

National trading houses in Ashgabat and Minsk contribute to the expansion of the product range of mutual trade.

Humanitarian ties are also developing actively. More than 8 thousand citizens of Turkmenistan study at Belarusian educational institutions.

The holding of the Days of Culture of Belarus in Turkmenistan and vice versa has become a good tradition. Days of culture of the Republic of Belarus, dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Belarus and Turkmenistan, were held in Ashgabat in January 2018. Days of culture of Turkmenistan in Belarus were held in October 2019.

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