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Belarus and Kazakhstan

An active dialogue is underway between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan. On a regular basis, exchanges of visits at the highest and high levels are carried out, meetings of Presidents and Prime Ministers of Belarus and Kazakhstan are held, including within the framework of the CIS, CSTO, Eurasian integration. Official visits of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Minsk in November 2017 and the President of the Republic of Belarus to Nur-Sultan in October 2019 confirmed the strategic nature of the relations between the two countries. 

Diplomatic relations between the countries were established on September 16, 1992. In 1997, the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus was opened in Kazakhstan. The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in our country was opened in 1995. The legal basis for bilateral cooperation today includes more than 80 international treaties and instruments.

In terms of foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus with the CIS countries, Kazakhstan ranks third following the neighboring countries and key trade partners – Russia and Ukraine.

In 2021, the volume of foreign trade in goods of the Republic of Belarus with the Republic of Kazakhstan amounted to 1 092.5 million dollars. At the same time, Belarus’ export to Kazakhstan amounted to 911.8 million dollars.

The leading export goods to Kazakhstan in 2021 were: tractors and truck tractors, fresh and chilled beef meat, milk and dairy products, sugar, machines and mechanisms for harvesting and threshing crops, cheese and cottage cheese, furniture, pharmaceutical products.

There are 7 large joint assembly plants of Belarusian machinery and equipment operating in Kazakhstan (OJSC “MTZ”, OJSC “Gomselmash”, OJSC “MAZ”, OJSC “HMC “Bobruiskagromash”, etc.).

Products of well-known Belarusian brands “Conte”, “Marko”, “Milavitsa”, “Mark Formell”, “Pinskdrev”, “Gomeldrev”, “Keramin”, “Bellesizdelye”, “Alutech”, “Kommunarka”, “Santa Bremor”, as well as meat and dairy products of leading domestic producers,  are widely represented on Kazakhstan market.

In general, the commodity distribution network of Belarusian enterprises in Kazakhstan comprises 40 subjects established with the participation of Belarusian capital, as well as more than 170 dealer organizations.

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