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Head of the Department of Information and Digital Diplomacy – Press Secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry A.Glaz answers the question of the Internet-portal “TUT.BY”

05 October 2018


“TUT.BY”: What can you say about latest resolution of the European Parliament on Belarus?

A.Glaz: Current resolution is yet another artificial set of clichés that do not cover either an objective reality or an experience of adopting similar things before. It seems as if its’ only actual outcome is the devaluation of credibility and quality of the decision-making process of the institution itself. 

We understand that MPs who are about to leave the European Parliament would like to play around with the Belarusian topic.  That said, we understand this attitude, but do not share it. It has no practical point whatsoever.  We encourage European MPs to change an old tune, because there are plenty of new ones in the dialogue between Belarus and European Institutions. 

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