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Foreign Ministry of Belarus hosts the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council on International Law

07 February 2020


On February 7, 2020 the Belarusian Foreign Ministry hosted the fifth meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council on International Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. 

The Council members and the representatives of governmental agencies attended the meeting. 

The meeting was an opportunity to present the Manual for business, government and civil society entitled “Belarus: Human Rights and Business”, which considers this issue in the light of the concept of sustainable development. Members of the Council were briefed on the activities of newly created under the BSU FIR aegis Centre for Peace Studies. Principal purpose of the Centre is scientific research in the field of international law applicable to modern armed conflict, peacekeeping and sustainable development. 

The Council proceeded to discuss the outcomes of the work of the Sixth (Legal) Committee of the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Commission on the Law of International Trade (UNCITRAL). Concerning UNCITRAL the attention focused on the reform of system for settlement of investment disputes, as well as recent Chinese initiative regarding railway consignment notes.

The Council was also briefed on the preparations for the regional conference on legal issues of digital economy, to be held in Minsk this May, and discussed the substantive issues to be place on the agenda of the conference.

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