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MFA Report The Most Resonant Human Rights Violations in Certain Countries (2021)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus has resumed the practice of preparing reports on the most resonant cases of human rights violations in certain Western countries of the world. 

By this report the Belarusian Foreign Ministry once again reminds that the colleagues in the West need to look at themselves before imposing their vision of human rights in other regions. 

The report touches upon 21 states - a number of countries of the European Union, the U.S., the UK and Canada - the most active "advocates" of economic sanctions and other restrictive measures. 

The document does not contain comparisons and ratings, and does not claim to be a complete representation of the existing violations of human rights in the countries of the collective West. It cites the resonant and outrageous cases of actions undertaken by the Western states’ authorities and also qualifies them from the point of view of compliance with international obligations. 

The topics reflected in the report are enough to notice the paradox of the situation and the hypocrisy in Western politicians' assessments of the human rights situation at home and in other countries against the background of constant violations of human rights and freedoms of their citizens, violation of international law and international obligations. “This is different!” –  a favorite argument in response to any criticism of the collective West, which lives according to the principle from the novella “Animal Farm” by G.Orwell  “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”.

Western countries unreasonably assigned the functions of a global quasi-judge in relation to human rights situations in other countries, turning a blind eye to their own problems – from social inequality, racism and xenophobia to police violence and arbitrariness followed by forced dispersal of mass demonstrations resulting in deaths in some cases. 

The report of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus draws attention of the governments of certain Western countries and relevant international organizations to these alarming signals. 

Belarus neither teaches nor condemns anyone, unlike some of our self-assured “partners”. We stand for a reasonable and objective approach of states towards cooperation on all issues, including human rights. The widespread imposition of democracies tailored by the collective West and one-sided interpretations of international human rights provisions serve to satisfy the political and economic ambitions of the ruling elites of the West, but they have a destructive impact on international relations and sustainable development of states.

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