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Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus in connection with the aggravation of the situation around Taiwan (August 2, 2022)


It is with deep concern that we have followed an increase in tension provoked by the irresponsible persistence with which the United States has been organizing a visit of the U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to the island of Taiwan.

The Republic of Belarus fully shares the concern of our strategic partner, the People's Republic of China, regarding Washington's destructive actions aimed at interfering in China's internal affairs and escalating the situation.

Belarus supports the peaceful development of relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait on the basis of the "one-China" principle and also the consistent measures taken by China to reunify the country. 

We are convinced that the Chinese leadership and the Taiwan administration, despite provocations from outside, will be able to show restraint and political wisdom to divert the situation from a critically dangerous line, which may be followed by a large-scale escalation.

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