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Comments of Press-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the questions of journalists of passing a Belarus Democracy Act by House of Representatives of the US Congress on October, 4.

The draft Act on Belarus has a pronounced destructive nature.

Adoption of this Act, hurriedly pushed through the House of Representatives, is an attempt of intervention into the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

The fact that this Act is precociously passed without waiting for the results of parliamentary elections and national referendum, clearly demonstrates that its main and explicit goal is to exert political pressure on the eve of these important events.

Actions of the House of Representatives clearly characterize the principles of US foreign policy that is fully and integrally subdued to the enforcement of American domination in the modern world.

Unilateral actions towards sovereign states are rather dubious practice both from the point of view of international law, and efficiency.

We do not tolerate the methods of force pressure. Belarusian history demonstrates that such actions never led to positive results.

Belarus supports the development of relations between Belarus and USA only on the basis of equal rights and respect of the interests of the sides.

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