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Statement of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Belarus in connection with the situation in Kazakhstan


It is with deep concern that we see the situation deteriorate rapidly in a number of regions of Kazakhstan. Militants have seized arsenals with weapons. As a result of their violent actions, people have died. The number of victims and those wounded is growing.

What stands out is clear coordination of the riots, organized resistance of militants to law enforcement agencies. 
In fact, we are talking about an attempt at a violent coup and a change of power in Kazakhstan.

We fully support the efforts of the leadership of Kazakhstan to stop the unrest and looting, and restore the normal functioning of the country.

On  December 6 the heads of CSTO Member States adopted a decision of the Collective Security Council to send the collective peacekeeping forces to Kazakhstan for a limited period of time to stabilize the situation in the country.

The Republic of Belarus is prepared to assist the friendly people of Kazakhstan and stays fully committed to its obligations. Belarusian peacekeepers will be sent to Kazakhstan as part of the CSTO peacekeeping forces.

The peacekeeping contingent will be deployed in full accordance with the law of the Republic of Belarus of 29 November 2003.

December 6, 2021, Minsk

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