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Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Aleinik at the BRICS Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogues (August 24, 2023, Johannesburg)


Mr President Ramaphosa, 
Distinguished Heads of State and Government!
Dear colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Belarusю His Excellency Aleksandr Lukashenko we congratulate the Republic of South Africa on its successful BRICS Chairmanship and warm hospitality provided to all of us. Belarus highly appreciates the first-time opportunity to be a part of the “BRICS Plus” and “BRICS Outreach” dialogues. The historic significance XVth BRICS Summit and these dialogues is obvious not only for all those present here, but also for the majority of the countries in the world.

At the times of global transformation, a key role should be played by the structures that do not multiply the dividing lines, but recognise the shared responsibility for the present and common future of the humanity. It is now more than ever the world needs organizations and platforms which seek ways to improve cooperation, ensure development and move forward rather than oppose each other. This is how Belarus sees BRICS. 

We are impressed by its inclusiveness and focus on common interests, equality and solidarity of all its members. This is the future we are seeking, whilst the discrimination and neo-colonial approaches should be left in the past. A growing number of countries wishing to join the Association is a vivid proof of BRICS’ appeal in the region and the world.  Belarus is not beyond the pale of these processes. Moreover we maintain a high level of bilateral relations with all the member countries of BRICS.

In May 2023, the President of Belarus officially expressed the intention of our country to join the BRICS group. We hope that Belarus' application will be favourably considered and accepted. Of course I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the countries which have been approved by BRICS members for the full-fledged membership. 

We have something to offer, and we are ready to work actively on all issues on BRICS agenda.Belarus supports and generates initiatives aimed at building a more fair and safer world in the global and regional dimensions, and consistently advocates a diversity of ways for countries and peoples to progress. 

We are ready to consolidate the efforts and work closely together with the BRICS member countries in these most important areas. 

We do not pose a threat to anyone and do not generate tension. We advocate peace, creation and sustainable development.

As many of you know, Belarus has been actively involved in peacekeeping efforts in our region for nearly a decade now. Despite an unprecedented illegal pressure my country is facing nowadays, Belarus is strongly committed to the principles of just world order, peaceful coexistence, indivisible security and mutual respect among all state actors.

Belarus is one of the world leaders in exports of IT services per capita, and is a significant producer of engineering, mining, agricultural machinery, chemical and petrochemical products, as well as food. We are a reliable partner for mutual trade and investment, for the implementation of joint projects with BRICS members and all the countries in Africa. We are ready to share our knowledge, and we rely on joint, mutually beneficial work and cooperation.

We are ready to make a significant contribution to maintaining international food security, including in the countries participating in today's dialogues.

Belarus is one of the world leaders in the production of potash fertilisers. Until 2022, our country's share in the global potash trade was 20 per cent; last year it dropped to 9 per cent. This happened due to illegal restrictions on its transportation imposed by a number of Western countries. As a result, there was a shortage 
of fertilisers in the world, and their prices went up. 

In 2022, Belarus' share in the African potash fertiliser market fell from 42 per cent to 3 per cent. As a result, 16 per cent drop in the African grain harvest. 

In an effort to safeguard our joint interests and to prevent other countries from suffering for the benefit of Western ambitions, we are looking for new logistics chains to restore fertiliser supplies. However, this requires non-standard solutions and new tools. We are ready to look for them together with you, our esteemed partners.

We support the aspiration of the BRICS countries to expand cooperation in logistics and cross-border e-commerce.

Belarus is ready to join the BRICS efforts to increase mutual payments in national currencies and create common payment instruments. The dominance of the dollar and the euro in international trade is a source of increasing global risks, as the financial policies of their issuers are not credible. Developing countries must be protected against arbitrary action and be able to trade freely. 

The New BRICS Development Bank and its initiative to finance more projects in local currencies could play a key role in this process. We are interested to kick off the process of joining this young but promising international financial structure.

We are convinced that the solution to the challenges our countries facing nowadays would be facilitated by the combined efforts of various regional formats that have similar goals and approaches. We see such potential for cooperation in the synergy between BRICS, EAEU, SCO, perhaps other regional formats. We urge you to think about the practical implementation of the initiative of the President of the Republic of Belarus to hold a summit of these associations.

We also support the initiative to hold the BRICS Sports Games in 2024. If invited, the Belarusian team will be ready to take part in this significant sports event. Considering current discrimination within international Olympic movement, we believe that all athletes should have the right to show their skills in a fair competition without political speculations.


Belarus is confident in the future of BRICS and is ready to work for our common goals and our common good.

Thank you for your attention!

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