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Statement by the Foreign Ministry on countermeasures of the Republic of Belarus to illegal external sanctions pressure


In response to illegal external sanctions pressure aimed at undermining the sovereignty of Belarus, worsening the well-being of Belarusian citizens and in order to protect national interests, the Government of the Republic of Belarus has banned the import of a number of goods originating from the states applying the illegitimate anti-Belarusian sanctions.

The corresponding decree will be signed as soon as possible.

Necessary measures will be taken to saturate the domestic market with similar goods from friendly countries.

In response to the illegitimate restrictions on the Belarusian aviation industry, which are based on unfair competition, our country will take similar steps in relation to air carriers from the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Belarus has added more people from the countries that systematically discriminate Belarusian officials, journalists and representatives of public organizations to the travel blacklist that bans entry to Belarus and the Union State.

As one of the most significant measures to counter external pressure from the collective West and strengthen its economic security, the Republic of Belarus will continue to implement Union State Programs and strengthen economic integration with the Russian Federation, as well as build strong trade and economic ties with the EAEU states and other partners.

A number of other non-public steps will be implemented.

The measures are reciprocal in nature and can be canceled if the counterparties abandon the broken logic of the Cold War and will return to constructive cooperation in the name of peace and stability on the European continent in full compliance with their international obligations.

Belarus is ready to resolve any existing differences through mutually respectful dialogue based on the respect for each other's interests.

December 6, 2021

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