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Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

Washington and Brussels are again trying to overtly interfere in the law-making process in Belarus, thus violating the principle of non-interference into internal affairs of other states which is the core of international relations.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus as legislative body is empowered by Constitution of the Republic of Belarus to independently exercise legislative functions.

The adoption by Belarussian parliamentarians on behalf of their voters of laws aimed at upholding public order and external security an integral element of securing sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country. While working out the bill Belarus has taken into due account international experience, including that of a number of European states.

Threats and restrictions have recently become common in the US and EU diplomatic policy towards countries rejecting their political views.

We again point out to the USA and the European Union: such approach makes no adequate basis for developing closer and deeper relations with Belarus. We put forward another basis equal and mutually beneficial dialogue on the whole range of bilateral issues.

Minsk, December 5, 2005

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