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Statement by Belarus Foreign Ministry Press Service on the Adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution on Settling the Situation in the Lebanese-Israeli Conflict Zone

14 August 2006, Minsk

The Republic of Belarus welcomes the adoption by the United Nations Security Council of resolution # 1701 (2006) on settling the situation in the Lebanese-Israeli conflict zone. The balanced character of the resolution, which takes account of Lebanese and Israeli interests, provides for immediate cessation of bloodshed and concluding of a long-waited ceasefire in the conflict area.

We express hope that the resolution will be rigorously observed by all sides involved in the conflict and will become the basis for lasting peace between Lebanon and Israel.

The unanimous approval of the resolution by the UN Security Council members demonstrates the world community understanding of the necessity to take urgent measures for cessation of hostilities and sufferings of civilians, prevention of further escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon.

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