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The UN adopts a Belarus-sponsored resolution on combating trafficking in human beings in the context of rapid technological development

18 May 2024


On May 17, 2024 in Vienna the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice unanimously approved the resolution initiated by Belarus "Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in the Context of Rapid Technological Development".

Belarus continues to actively promote the strengthening of international cooperation to combat trafficking in human beings which requires coordinated action at both the national and international levels.

The topic of the resolution proposed by Belarus is current, since rapid technological transformations are increasingly affecting all spheres of social life.

The resolution clearly demonstrates that combating human trafficking in the digital age is not a one-off measure, but a continuous process of renewal, adjustment and innovation.

The paper notes the importance of increased cooperation in a technological arms race’ to combat those who use digital tools for criminal purposes.

The resolution aims to unite the efforts of states, civil society and international organizations to effectively counter trafficking in human beings in the digital age.

The resolution not only articulates the opportunities that digital technologies provide to criminals in carrying out their illicit activities, but also how such technologies can be used in the fight against trafficking in human beings.

The resolution identifies a number of practically oriented recommendations for states and other stakeholders in combating trafficking in human beings.

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