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Press Secretary A.Glaz answers the question of the News Agency RIA Novosti about the accusations against Belavia of transporting refugees

15 November 2021


RIA Novosti: In the light of the ongoing migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border and the discussion of the fifth package of the EU sanctions against Belarus, we see accusations against Belavia of allegedly transporting refugees. How would you comment on that?

A.Glaz: We've repeatedly stated absolutely clearly at various levels that the national air carrier OJSC "Belavia" has never transported, does not transport, and will never transport refugees or illegal migrants. It is easy to verify. Our air carrier is completely transparent on this matter and is ready to provide all the factual information upon relevant request at any moment. One can come and and see for him- or herself and check the situation out. All the guarantees needed can be provided.

Moreover, in the last few months Belavia substantially stepped up control procedures due to the migration situation. Representatives of the air carrier have talked about it repeatedly, as well. 

We have also toughened visa regulations for citizens of a number of countries, introduced additional incoming migration control, and stepped up oversight over travel agencies, dozens of which have already had their licenses revoked. A set of other measures has already been introduced as well.

Both Belavia and Belarusian authorities are quite serious about the matter. 

It would be totally absurd to claim that Belarus, a country that for decades has been demonstrating the most responsible approach to the migration issues, somehow stimulates illegal migration. As a transit country we bear substantial costs. It is clear that this is not in our interests. Therefore, I emphasize once again that any accusations claiming Belarus ‘instrumentalizes' migrants are groundless and unsound. They contradict the reality and common sense. And we will not allow anyone to accuse us of such absurd things.

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