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Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus answers question of the News Agency Interfax-Zapad on the current situation on the Belarusian-Polish Border

09 November 2021


The escalation of the migration situation near the Belarusian-Polish border causes serious concern about fates of the people, who are by all means seeking possibility to enter one of the EU countries. The situation itself is a direct consequence of the lengthy ignoring by the official Warsaw of the objective reality and it’s “duck and cover” attitude to the resolution of serious problems.

With this in mind, Poland's failing attempts to shift the responsibility for the dynamically developing migration situation onto Belarus seem rather flimsy. 

We've repeatedly encouraged our neighbors to have a meaningful dialogue and constructive interaction between the relevant agencies to discuss important transboundary matters of undoubted common interest.

Free interpretation and selective observance of Human Rights have already become a signature style of supporters of forced democratization of individual countries and entire regions. It is this democratization that provokes such migration flows. 

We believe that Poland's attitude to foreigners seeking asylum and protection will become another test and a proxy that will show the true adherence of the Polish government to principles of international law, humanism, high democratic standards in the sphere of Human Rights protection.

We would like to warn the Polish side in advance against using any provocations directed against the Republic of Belarus to justify possible illegal forceful actions against disadvantaged unarmed people, among whom there are plenty of underaged children and women.

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