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Statement by the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus

24 June 2023


Belarus has been and remains an ally of Russia, fully sharing the goals and objectives of the special military operation. This is a difficult, forced and justified mission to protect the Russian people in Donbass. In fact, this is an ongoing fight for the future of the Slavic world.

Belarusians and Russians are brotherly nations, we are united in a political union. We cannot remain aloof from the events happening in the south of Russia.

Any provocation, any internal conflict in military and political circles, in the information field or within civil society, is a gift to the collective West. Even if the interested forces were not the masterminds behind these scenarios, they will not miss the opportunity to develop and lead them. This could lead to disaster. There was nothing worse in the history of Russia than the Time of Troubles (Smuta) – essentially destructive and pointless.

What is happening is not worth the consequences, the losses that emotional decisions and illegal actions can lead to. The interests of the people, the lives of ordinary citizens and the integrity of Russia are at stake.

We appeal to the voice of reason. In this difficult time, all those who today are involved in the intolerable confrontation inside the military brotherhood, united in its aims, are needed where the future of the Slavic world and the destiny of millions of our people is decided.

The Belarusian people have always been and will be with Russia.

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