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Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus O.Kravchenko participates in the international conference

11 December 2017


On December 11, 2017 the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Oleg Kravchenko, addressed the participants of international conference “European Union and its’ Eastern Partners: current approaches to regional cooperation”, held in Minsk by the “Minsk Dialogue” Track-II Initiative under the aegis of Belarus Presidency of the Central European Initiative.

The event was attended by well-known political analysts from Western Europe, Balkans, CIS region, as well as experts of the leading Belarusian think tanks, as well as diplomats.

In his opening remarks, O.Kravchenko pointed out that the Republic of Belarus is one of the factors that stabilize the situation in European region. The state responsibly meets commitments towards partners, suggests a consolidating agenda to other members of the international community.

Characterising the developing and mutually beneficial dialogue between Minsk and Brussels, Deputy Minister noted that for Belarus constructive relations with the EU is a necessary prerequisite in strengthening its’ statehood and national security. In its’ turn, reliable and strong neighbours are a guarantee of stability of the European Union itself.

The MFA representative analysed integration as a wide process, exceeding far beyond the European region limits. O.Kravchenko stressed, that European and Eurasian integrations are closely adjoining each other and invited to develop a technical and expert dialogue between the EAEU and the EU.

During his presentation, O.Kravchenko focused experts’ attention on international initiatives put forward by the Head of the Belarusian State, i.e. partnership of integrations and launching a dialogue on European security issues, similar to Helsinki process of the 70-s in the twentieth century.

The conference will be an important element in expert accompaniment of the final stage of the Belarus Presidency of the Central European Initiative and the CEI meeting of the Heads of Governments, which opens tomorrow in the capital of Belarus.

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