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Universal Postal Union

Established in 1874, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), with its headquarters in the Swiss capital Berne, is the second oldest international organization worldwide. The UPU became a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) on 1 July 1948.

With its 191 member countries, the UPU is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date products and services.

It sets the rules for international mail exchanges and makes recommendations to stimulate growth in mail, parcel and financial services volumes and improve quality of service for customers. In this way, the organization fulfils an advisory, mediating and liaison role, and provides technical assistance where needed.

The Universal Postal Congress is the supreme authority of the UPU. It convenes every four years, bringing together plenipotentiaries of all member countries. The main function of Congress is legislative and focuses on strategic and program issues.

Belarus became an UPU member in 1947. Membership in the UPU ensures the Republic of Belarus’ effective cooperation in the field of postal communications with the Member States of the UPU namely through:

— international mail exchanges in accordance with unified principles and technologies, as well as free transit of its postings;

— establishment and application of a uniform procedure of reciprocal payments for final expenditures for exchange of international postal communications;

— receipt of technical and consultative assistance;

— coordination and fulfillment of other major objectives (targets) of international policy for postal development.

Under the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No.877 “On cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with International Organizations and Interstate Formations” dated November 21, 2017, the Ministry of Communication and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus is the key government body for cooperation of Belarus with the organization.

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