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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus V.Makei participates in the meeting of the CEI Committee of National Coordinators


On February 14, 2017 in Minsk the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, participated in the first meeting of the Committee of National Coordinators of the Central European Initiative under the aegis of the CEI Belarusian Presidency in 2017.

In his statement, V.Makei highlighted a high relevance and importance of the CEI as a platform for developing dialogue and cooperation among the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe in order to strengthen stability within our region. At the same time, the Minister presented the main priorities of the Belarusian Presidency, with promoting connectivity in a Wider Europe as its core topic.

In particular, Belarus strives to pay particular attention to ensuring compatibility and complementarity not only within the CEI region, but also among the various integration processes on our continent in the context of free trade, harmonization of standards and procedures, development of transport and logistics. Along with these objectives, Belarus will continue the efforts aimed at ensuring a geographically balanced approach in the CEI’s activities, reforming the CEI with account of emerging regional challenges, as well as broadening its outreach to other international and regional organisations.

The meeting of the Committee of National Coordinators is attended by representatives of the CEI Member States, the CEI Secretary General, Giovanni Caracciolo di Vietri, the CEI Alternate Secretary General, Margot Klestil-Loffler, and experts of the CEI Secretariat.

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