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Export: general provisions, export potential, commodity distribution network

General provisions

Export is one of the main priorities of the Belarusian economy. Traditionally, exports account for more than half of the Gross Domestic Product. That’s why it's the main source of sustainable economic growth of the country.

As Belarus advanced economically, a governmental system of encouraging and supporting exports was formed, building on international best practices. This system is constantly developing and improving. There are conditions for introducing new and effective mechanisms.
In the wake of the world financial downturn, the foreign trade of Belarus changed structurally. Today the country adopted a trade policy to increase the share of high-tech products in exports and diversify supplies to foreign markets.
The Republic of Belarus traditionally implements a multi-vector foreign trade policy, supports trade contacts with foreign countries, actively participates in international integration processes.
Major events that significantly affect the conditions of export activities are Belarus' participation in the Eurasian Economic Union, the build-up of a unified economic zone and forthcoming accession to the WTO.

Export potential

The structure of the Belarusian economy is export oriented. The share of export in the Gross Domestic Product exceeds 50 percent (in 2019 – more than 52 percent).

The volume of the Belarusian export of goods and services has increased from USD 7.0 billion in 2000 to USD 42.0 billion in 2019.

Export products of Belarus are diverse and include more than 2 000 articles. Among the major export commodities of Belarus are potash and nitrogen fertilizers, oil products, rolled steel, metal cord, trucks, tractors, chemical fibers and yarns, caprolactam, tires, furniture, refrigerators and freezers, wood products, clothing, shoes, dairy and meat products, sugar.

The country produces a wide range of high technology products with stable demand in foreign markets: agricultural machinery, buses and trams, road-building machinery, technical equipment, gas cookers, washing machines, microelectronics and optical devices.

In 2019, mineral products were 20.7 percent of Belarussian exports, chemical products – 19.3 percent, machinery, equipment, vehicles – 17.6 percent.

Belarus has opted for innovative development of the economy by increasing its high-tech capacity.

Commodity Distribution Network of the Belarusian Organizations Abroad

Since 2004 republican authorities carry out purposeful work on formation and development of a Commodity distribution network (CDN) of the subordinated organizations abroad, and also to increase of its' efficiency.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries on the function of co-ordination of CDN development since July 1, 2013. It renders assistance to the Belarusian enterprises and the organizations in this work through system of foreign missions of the Republic of Belarus.

The latest changes in the regulation of the issue were approved and implemented by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No.183 of February 24, 2012.

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