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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below answers to the questions most frequently asked of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How can I get a visa application to enter Belarus?
Visa application forms are available in Belarusian embassies and consular offices abroad. Yet to save the time an application form may be downloaded from the MFA site here
What documents do I need when travelling abroad?
To help Belarusian citizens feel more comfortable abroad the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared a number of recommendations on how to best get ready for a trip abroad. Please study them carefully. It will not take a lot of your time. Click here to continue. (in Russian or Belarusian)
How do I know if there is a Belarusian embassy in the country I am going to shortly?
You can acquaint yourself with the geography of Belarusian diplomatic representations abroad at It’s easy to identify the embassy of your interest: the site offers convenient navigation.
Where can I go without a visa?
Belarus has agreed with a number of states on travel regime. Several countries have made travel arrangements easier for citizens of Belarus. Belarusian travelers to another many countries do not require a visa at all. To see it in more detail please click here. (in Russian or Belarusian)
Why is Belarus so active internationally on human trafficking?
Human trafficking is one of the most dangerous challenges of the present times and is considered as a most blatant violation of fundamental human rights. Hundreds of thousands of people are estimated to be victimized annually. Belarus is the first country in the post-Soviet space to launch a large-scale campaign against human trafficking. More…
Why does Belarus take part in the Non-Aligned Movement? What’s the benefit for us?
Interaction with the Non-Aligned Movement as a whole as well as with its key states is an important component of ensuring national interests of Belarus. As a NAM member, Belarus gets political support of the like-minded states in the international arena generally and in the UN bodies and agencies. Cooperation with the NAM partners in the spheres of economy, science and technology is of great importance to Belarus. Many of them possess considerable natural resources, solid markets and often goods and technologies of interest. Moreover, as Belarus advances to those countries economically, our chances skyrocket in regional markets around. More…
Is Belarus planning to develop international cooperation in the sphere of renewable energy?
The development of renewable energy is one of the priorities of the Belarus national policy. Belarus succeeded to an extent in this field. At the same time, we have to do a lot more to make better use of the available renewable energy capacity. To solve these problems it is important to expand multilateral cooperation of Belarus in this sphere, which has been actively developing in recent years. More…
What is Human Development Index and what does it mean to us?
Human Development Index is an international country-wise rating compiled annually by the UN to identify impartially actual standards of well-being and quality of life across different countries. It is a comprehensive index calculated on the basis of three main dimensions. More…
What can Belarus actually offer to foreign investors?
Today five thousand commercial organizations with foreign capital from more than seventy countries are working in Belarus. About sixty organizations are branches of multinationals. At the same time, the number of our foreign partners is constantly growing, as the areas where to invest are also expanding. Belarus seeks to offer the most favourable and convenient conditions for foreign investors. There are at least seven most promising areas in terms of investment returns. More…
Is there a real benefit for Belarus from the World Bank Doing Business Report?
The World Bank Doing Business study is a series of annual reports on the environment for small and medium-sized enterprises and legal standards in business regulation. The 2010 study put the Republic of Belarus at the sixty-eighth standing among 183 states, bringing it fourteen places up, as compared with 2008. The country is No. 4 among the most active reformers of business environment. Those figures are of considerable importance to foreign investors. More…
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