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Key points of the statement by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Viktar Gaisenak at the Third Committee of the Sixty-third session of the United Nations General Assembly (9 October 2008)

A decision has to be taken expeditiously, at the 63rd session, to start negotiations on a UN action plan on fighting human trafficking.
A call for a UN action plan has been made repeatedly (GA and ECOSOC resolutions, GA thematic debates). We need to go further.
A UN action plan might feature a set of first-priority measures that Member States and UN agencies need to undertake to address human trafficking in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.
A universal document, the action plan should encourage more comprehensive fulfillment of the commitments under international instruments.
Belarus welcomes the decision of the African Union to start negotiations on a global action plan on combating human trafficking (Assemby/AU/Dec.207(XI)). Africa’s support and active engagement are essential cornerstones required for the successful completion of this endeavour.
Belarus will table a resolution “Improving the coordination of efforts against trafficking in persons” at this session to help expedite the elaboration of a UN action plan.
Belarus invites Member States to step up efforts to work out a coordinated approach towards the format and substantive elements of a UN action plan.

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