Visiting Belarus visa-free

Comments of the Minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Khvostov on the topics discussed during the visit of US Congress delegation to Belarus presented to Belarusian television company on February 16, 2002

"We informed the US congressmen that we do not experience any problems that can be connected with illegal weapons trade. Belarus acts in that sphere in full compliance with the decisions of UN Security Council. If this authority says that trade in arms with some country is banned we strictly abide this decision.

During the meeting we also clearly demonstrated our openness and presented the US congressmen with all information, including relevant facts and figures, and underlined that the existing question was caused exclusively by political reasoning unfriendly to Belarus and should be decisively put away. The false accusations that were allegedly put forward by some mass media should be resolved in the nearest future. Belarus has never been a problem country and is always acting transparently, honestly and competently.

We also continued discussion on the possibility to renew large-scale dialogue with the USA. I consider that this meeting will lay a foundation that will permit us to discuss other issues that have obvious mutual interest.

The congressmen confirmed that they would support the bilateral dialogue on the urgent issues of national security, international trade, democratization, development of democratic institutions. We underlined our willingness to discuss these issues further.

I express my sincere hope that the dialogue that was started by the visit of US congressmen will be continued."