Visiting Belarus visa-free

Press-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus A.Savinykh Comments to the News Agency BelTA on Some Media Announcements Related to Iraq Issues

A foreign citizen can obtain a genuine Belarusian passport only after spending 7 years on the territory of the country. This procedure also requires a foreign citizen to expatriate from his/her previous citizenship. Thus genuine Belarusian passports could not be found in Iraq. There only can be a case of passports that are either forged passports or passports that resemble Belarusian ones. In both cases Belarus is in no way related to this.

What concerns deceptions about possible sojourn of Saddam Hussein and his sons on the territory of Belarus, we regard them as insinuations that do not have anything to do with reality, and as exceeding the bounds of the least probability from the point of view of common sense.