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Belarusian delegation made a statement at the UN General Assembly on the IAEA report


The UN General Assembly considered the annual report of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly plenary meeting a representative of the Belarusian delegation, Tatyana Fedorovich, expressed full support for the IAEA's work in all major areas: safeguards, promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, safety and security.

T.Fedorovich noted that many states, including Belarus, are relying on nuclear power as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly source, fostering their sustainable development. The Belarusian diplomat stressed the key role of the IAEA in the development and promotion of international nuclear safety standards, growing demand for the relevant IAEA services, as well as Belarus' continued interest in active and constructive cooperation with the Agency.

Recognition of the role the IAEA could play in promoting sustainable development of its Member States is one of the most important recent trends. Its activities to promote and increase the availability of nuclear technology in areas where people could sense the positive results – be it energy, medicine or agriculture – are becoming a recognizable brand.

The Belarusian diplomat noted that the IAEA technical cooperation projects for Belarus help the country to develop human resources for nuclear-energy industry, to ensure the highest possible level of nuclear and radiation safety, to contribute to the development of nuclear medicine, and also to help address unique challenges of promoting a sustainable development of the areas affected by the Chernobyl accident.

Belarus co-sponsored the UN General Assembly resolution “Report of the International Atomic Energy Agency”.

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