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On the Report Human Rights Violations in Certain countries in 2012


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus prepared a report “Human Rights Violations in Certain countries in 2012”.

The report by Belarus’ MFA is drawn up based on the information from the Belarusian missions, the media as well as other reliable open sources.

The aim of the report is to draw attention to the violation of human rights in those countries that traditionally represent themselves as “developed democracies”, to illustrate based on concrete facts their incompliance with their international legal obligations.

Human rights, historically being the area of relations between the society and the government, an element of a purely internal policies, have started to play a role of a tool for foreign politics in the modern world.

More often the relationship between states on human rights issues abandon the principle of equality of partners, pursuing various paths of development with the common objective being the prosperity for their citizens, while increasingly become associated with diktat, pressure and imposition of their “solely accurate opinion”.