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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the reaction of the European Union and the United States to the second anniversary of the presidential election in Belarus

09 August 2022


The European Union and some Western countries, in the context of the second anniversary of the presidential election in the Republic of Belarus, have once again allowed themselves a number of insulting and unfounded accusations against the sovereign and independent Belarusian state.

It is obvious that it is not for Brussels or Washington to determine the degree of legitimacy of the leadership of the Republic of Belarus. It is the exclusive prerogative of the Belarusian people, who two years ago spoke out unambiguously in support of the incumbent leader and the course he pursues to maintain peace and stability, gradual economic development and improvement of the citizens’ well-being.

Under cover of loud slogans about strengthening the sovereignty and independence of Belarus, and protection of human rights the collective West de facto does everything to strangle the Belarusian state economically, to force us to abandon our own path of development.

The illegitimate economic sanctions by Western countries, bypassing the UN Security Council, and the aviation embargo directly contradict international law and grossly violate the social and economic rights of citizens, not to mention the fundamental principles of market economy.

At the same time, the Western sanctions provoke a global food crisis, and painfully hit the population of the very countries that initiated these restrictive measures.

However, it seems that these problems do not bother Western politicians, who are more concerned with satisfying their own exorbitant geopolitical ambitions rather than solving the urgent problems of their peoples.

We are categorically against the interference by the West in the internal affairs of sovereign Belarus in the form of open support and financing of opponents of the legitimate authorities. Indulgence to extremists from among the Belarusian opposition has already resulted in the fact that they are increasingly making absolutely insane calls for violent overthrow of the government.

We urge the EU and other Western countries to stop their irresponsible and deadlocked anti-Belarusian policy, to abandon pressure and sanctions, and to return to substantive dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation.


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