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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus A.Dapkiunas makes a statement at the plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly

11 October 2019


On October 10, 2019 during the final day of his stay in New York, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Dapkiunas, took part in the debate of the UN General Assembly on the strengthening of the Organisation.

In his statement, A.Dapkiunas turned to the 75-year history of the functioning of the UN, the history of successes and failures, fulfilled or failed expectations, devotion to the ideals and principles of the Organisation, but also to inconsistency in their implementation. Its longevity confirms that the Organisation remains in demand, having no alternative at the current stage of development of international relations.

The Belarusian diplomat also focused on the lack of an alternative to multilateralism and dialogue to resolve international conflicts. For this reason, the formation of a genuine format of multilateralism aimed at finding consensus based on the principles of common sense and mutual concessions should be the main direction in the strengthening of the UN.

A.Dapkiunas touched upon the theme of the jubilee UN Summit of 2020 and other upcoming commemorations, including the first celebration of the International Delegate’s Day established upon the initiative of Belarus.

Background Information: At the initiative of Belarus in April 2019, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 73/286, according to which April 25 (the day the International Conference in San Francisco began) was declared the International Delegate’s Day. The resolution was adopted in anticipation of the upcoming in 2020 75th Anniversary of the founding of the UN to draw attention to the role of the human factor and the spirit of unity in the creation of the UN.

The Deputy Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry supported reform initiatives of UN Secretary-General A.Guterres, in particular, the repositioning of the UN development system. A.Dapkiunas called for a reasonable and useful strengthening of the UN, as well as for avoiding reforms just for the sake of reforms.

In this context, A.Dapkiunas recalled the active participation of Belarus in the development of the Funding Compact of the UN development system repositioning, which is an important tool in supporting states in implementing the 2030 Agenda at country levels.

The Deputy Minister also touched upon the improvement of the work algorithms of the main UN bodies and committees in order to avoid duplication of the issues they are considering, and emphasised the need for the most accurate work of the UN Security Council structures dealing with the implementation and monitoring of compliance by countries with the UN Security Council restrictive measures.

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