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Representative of Belarus participates in the Political Forum on Sustainable Development

19 July 2016


On July 18-20, 2016 the Deputy Head of the Department of Economic Cooperation and Sustainable Development of the Directorate for Multilateral Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus takes part in the Political Forum on Sustainable Development in the UN Headquarters in New York.

HLPF brought together the UN Member States, international organizations and specialized agencies, expert community and civil society to discuss the progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In the course of the Forum the representative of Belarus noted the challenges faced by the middle-income countries and stressed the need for adequate technical, consultative, technological support to them by the United Nations and international financial institutions. Belarus, which also belongs to this group of countries, consistently promotes their interests in the UN. Ensuring sustainable development of middle-income countries, which are home to more than 70 percent of the world population, is the most important factor in achieving global sustainability, said the representative of Belarus.

During the dialogue with the Heads of the UN regional economic commissions, L.Belskaya informed the participants of the forum about the international conference to be co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus in partnership with the UN Economic Commission for Europe in October 2016 in Minsk.

The conference was inspired by the idea of “integration of integrations”, proposed by the President of the Republic of Belarus to the UN Summit in 2015. It is expected that member states of various integration associations of the European Region will discuss practical issues of strengthening economic, trade, and transport cooperation.

In his remarks, the Executive Director of the UNECE, UN Under-Secretary-General, Christian Bach, thanked Belarus for timely and important initiative and expressed confidence that the conference will be an important step towards the strengthening of regional cooperation for sustainable development.

In her statement at the plenary meeting of the forum, L.Belskaya underlined the national efforts to ensure sustainable development and informed the participants about the National Strategy for Sustainable Social Economic Development, which was approved by the Government of Belarus in 2015, as well as some mechanisms of its implementation.

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