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Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

The Black Sea Economic Cooperation as an interstate association was established in 1992 at the Istanbul Summit of Heads and Governments of the Black Sea region states. The 1998 Yalta Summit of Heads of States and Governments took a decision to transform the Black Sea Economic Cooperation into the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). It currently includes 12 countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The main aim of the BSEC is to promote all-round cooperation among the countries of the region in the following areas: trade and economic development, banking and finance, communications, energy, transportation, agriculture, health care and pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, tourism, science and technology, statistical data and economic information exchange, customs and border protection operations, combating organized crime and illegal trafficking of drugs, weapons and radioactive materials, terrorism and illegal migration. The relevant working groups were established.

In October 2005, at the meeting of the BSEC Foreign Ministers in Chisinau, it was decided to grant an observer status to Belarus. As an observer Belarus takes part in the activities of the BSEC Governing Bodies – the Committee of Senior Officials and the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, as well as in specialized working groups.

The BSEC Parliamentary Assembly (PABSEC) in its session in Tirana on 23-24 November 2005 took a decision to grant an observer status to the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus. The Belarusian MPs take part on a regular basis in the PABSEC plenary sessions.

Belarus promotes the cooperation with the BSEC in transportation and communications, energy, customs operations, tourism, science and technology, combating crime, emergency prevention and response.

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