Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus A.Dapkiunas meets the official delegation of the Guangdong province of the Peoples Republic of China


On November 29, 2019 the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Dapkiunas, met with the official delegation of the Guangdong province (People’s Republic of China) led by the Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong province, Luo Jun. The Chinese delegation is on a working visit to Belarus at the invitation of the Minsk Region Executive Committee. The meeting became a continuation of the dialogue between the Deputy Minister and the provincial authorities launched during his visit to Guangzhou on 8 November, 2018. 

Background Information: Guangdong province has a population of nearly 120 million people. It occupies leading positions in the Chinese economy. Guangdong province accounts for 10 per cent of China’s total GDP and one fourth of its national exports. The province is a home to three of the five Chinese special economic zones (Shenzhen, Shantou, Zhuhai), as well as headquarters or central offices of the Chinese biggest companies involved in active cooperation with Belarus. Among them are “Huawei”, ZTE, “China Merchants Group”, “Midea”. Guangdong companies are the most important Chinese investors in Belarus representing one third of the residents of the “Great Stone” China-Belarus Industrial Park. 

A special role and place of the Guangdong province in the context of the comprehensive Belarusian-Chinese cooperation was highlighted during the meeting. The interlocutors welcomed the recent opening of the Consulate General of Belarus in the provincial capital of Guangzhou as an important step in the advancement of bilateral cooperation.

Mindful of the serious economic potential of the Guangdong province and directives of the Chinese leadership to ensure more active overseas performance of Chinese companies, there was a discussion on opportunities for enhanced investment cooperation with Belarus of major Guangdong-based Chinese companies, including of a world-class, primarily in view of the importance of dynamic development of the “Great Stone” China-Belarus Industrial Park.

Andrei Dapkiunas and Luo Jun discussed possible favorable measures by governmental authorities of Belarus and China, including the People’s Government of the Guangdong province, to devise breakthrough projects of interregional cooperation based on cross-sectoral coordination, conducive to pooling efforts and stimulating direct contacts and joint initiatives of Belarusian and Chinese industrial and agricultural producers, tour operators, air companies etc.

The interlocutors also underscored a significant potential of cooperation between Belarus and Guangdong province in the area of tourism. Andrei Dapkiunas informed his Chinese guest about the events scheduled for December 2018 to mark the end of the Year of Belarusian Tourism in China expressing hope that Guangdong representatives would join. Luo Jun pointed to the interest of Chinese students to get higher education in Belarus.