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Visa-free travel

Belarusian citizens with ordinary passports to *:
Foreign nationals with ordinary passports to the Republic of Belarus**:
Albania (up to 90 days for private purposes and tourism during the period from June 1 to November 1, 2016) Armenia
Antigua and Barbuda (up to 30 days) *** Azerbaijan
Armenia Cuba (up to 30 days)
Azerbaijan Georgia
Barbados (up to 28 days) *** Israel (up to 90 days in each period of 180 days)
Cuba (up to 30 days) Ecuador (up to 30 days)
Dominica (up to 21 days for tourism, a return air ticket is required) ***(up to 30 days) Kazakhstan
Ecuador (up to 30 days) Kyrgyzstan
El Salvador (with a permanent and temporary residence permit in Russia, valid visa of the USA, Canada or Schengen visa) *** Macedonia (an invitation/telegram, referral/invitation of the healthcare institution or invitation letter of travel agency is required, as well as for visiting the burial places)
Gambia (up to 90 days) *** Moldova
Georgia Mongolia (up to 90 days)
Haiti (up to 90 days) *** Montenegro (up to 30 days, an invitation or invitation letter of travel agency is required)
Honduras (up to 90 days with a valid visa of the USA, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador or Schengen visa) *** People's Republic of China (up to 3 days subject to direct flights to Belarus from the civilian airport and with a valid Schengen visa or for group tourist trips)
Indonesia (up to 30 days for tourism) Russia
Israel (up to 90 days in each period of 180 days) Qatar (up to 30 days)
Kazakhstan Serbia (up to 30 days)
Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan
Macedonia (an invitation/telegram, referral/invitation from the healthcare institution or travel voucher is required,  as well as for visiting the burial places;
up to 15 days with a valid multiple entry short-term Schengen visa type C)
Turkey (up to 30 days)
Malaysia (up to 30 days) the United Arab Emirates (up to 30 days)
Mexico (up to 180 days with a valid visa or permanent residence in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan or any Schengen zone country) Uzbekistan
Micronesia (Federated States) (up to 30 days) *** Ukraine
Moldova Venezuela (up to 90 days)
Mongolia (up to 90 days) Up to 3 days to visit the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park by special permission****
Montenegro (up to 30 days, an invitation/travel voucher is required) Visa-free visits special tourist and recreational park “Augustow Canal” and Grodno *****
Namibia (up to 90 days) ***  
Nicaragua (up to 90 days) ***  
Panama (up to 180 days) ***  
People's Republic of China (for group tourist trips only)  

Peru (up to 183 days for tourism purposes) ***

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (up to 30 days) ***  
Samoa (up to 60 days,  a return ticket and hotel reservation/invitation are required)  ***  
Serbia (up to 30 days)  
Seychelles (up to 90 days, a return ticket and financial guarantees are required) ***  
Tunisia (up to 90 days)  
Turkey (up to 30 days)  
Vanuatu (up to 30 days) ***  
Venezuela (up to 90 days)  
Vietnam (up to 15 days)  

* – Please pay attention to the fact that a passport should be valid for at least six months after expected date of departure from a foreign country and contain at least two blank pages, intended for visas or other marks.
** – To get acquainted with the rules of border crossing by foreign citizens with visa-free entry, please visit the website of the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus.
*** – The information is only for reference, it has been prepared on the basis of open sources and communication with foreign partners and is subject to confirmation through the diplomatic mission of the country of your destination
**** – More detailed information about visa-free entry to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is available on

***** – More detailed information about visa-free entry is available on

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