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Statement Of the Press Secretary of the MFA of Belarus with regard to the Israel Air Force attack on Syria on October 5, 2003

The Republic of Belarus is deeply concerned with the fact of Israels bomb and missile attack on an object on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic on October 5, 2003.

Given the general instability in the region, the conflict is only aggravated by the actions undertaken by Israel. For the states of the Middle East, the impact of a new rise of tension may be unpredictable and destructive.

The Republic of Belarus stands for the prevention of the further escalation of tension in the Syrian-Israeli relationship. The only way to solve the actual problems of the region is force-abstinence, restarting the negotiations and a fair settlement of the conflict on the basis of the corresponding UN Security Council resolutions and the norms of international law.

Minsk, October 6, 2003