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MFA Press secretary comments on the contents of US State Department report on human rights practices

"We got acquainted with the report and could not find anything new in its contents. We paid attention that some facts presented in the report are misinterpreted. We compare the conclusions of the State department report on Belarus with the situation in other CIS and Eastern European countries.

The Ministry of foreign affairs intends to request Belarusian state institutions to assess the contents of the report in the areas of their competency on the basis of national legislature.

The outcomes and findings of this work will be presented to the public in approximately month period.

From the other side we examine the yearly reports of international organization "Amnesty International", pay attention to examples of human rights violations in USA and assess them accordingly.

We note that the number of prisoners in USA exceeds 2 million people. If related to the total amount of population, this figure is incomparable to any other country in the world".