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The Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus categorically condemns the cynical terrorist attacks in Volgograd that led to numerous human losses.

Expressing profound sympathy and condolences to the victims and to the relatives of those killed in the attacks, we underline our solidarity with Russia’s efforts to fight the scourge that knows no borders. We are convinced that the egregious acts like these will not achieve their goal, that is, to destabilize the situation on the eve of New Year holidays and the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

The objectives that terrorists declare in any region of the world may differ, but their actions ultimately lead to nothing but grief and suffering for innocent people. As doubly hypocritical and destructive we consider the voices calling for “understanding” and “justifying” individual terrorist attacks. Terrorism should not be viewed on the basis of either national, religious or political factors, let alone on the premise of “justice” or “injustice” as interpreted by its perpetrators. The ideology of violence and extremism that eventually leads to terrorist manifestations must be totally and unequivocally condemned. 

Belarus is fully committed to taking part in the counter terrorist activities as at the global level by engaging with appropriate UN structures, so in the framework of regional organizations like the CIS, CSTO, OSCE, as well as in the context of bilateral and other possible tracks.

We believe that the full commitment of each and every state should contribute to scaling up regional and international efforts, and to consolidating practical tools in the overall fight against terrorism.
Minsk, December 31, 2013