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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus A.Dapkiunas takes part in the thematic event on the family

During his visit to New York, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Dapkiunas took part in the thematic event “The importance of family stability to social protection and achieving sustainable development”, organized in UN headquarters at the initiative of Belarus, together with the Group of Friends of the Family and Coalition of non-governmental organizations “Civil society for the Family”.
The Group of Friends of the family, co-coordinated by Belarus, was established in 2015. It is composed of 25 States from all regions of the world. The Group of Friends of the family defends the interests of the natural family and traditional family values in accordance with the definition of the family, reflected in internationally recognized documents.
“Civil society for the family” unites 180 international NGOs which promote the interests of the natural family. This coalition was institutionalized at a special high-level meeting on the occasion of the International Day of Families, held on 16 May 2016 at UN headquarters by the Group of Friends of the family. This association is coordinated by an organizational committee of 12 international NGOs, including a core partner of the Group of Friends, an international organization C-FAM based in the United States.
During the event, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus made a statement on behalf of the Group of Friends of the Family, in which he noted that strong families are the basis for maintaining social stability, cultural identity and morality of any society. A.Dapkiunas stressed that successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development would depend on policies and programmes that supported the family as a basic unit of society.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus urged to pay special attention to modern ways and means of protection of family values, marriage, motherhood and fatherhood, including through the exchange of experience and practical solutions that can help strengthen the resilience of the institution of the family in today's world. The Belarusian diplomat invited all interested partners to think about the format of the international event on family in connection with the 25th anniversary of the International Year of the family, which will be celebrated in 2019.

The event was attended by well-known American analysts who deal with family policy issues, and Honorable member of the U.S. Congress, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Michele Bachmann.
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