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Belarus calls upon UN to continue dialogue on topic of ôintegration of integrationsö


On September 11 — 22, 2017 the delegation of the Republic of Belarus headed by the Permanent Representative of Belarus to the international organizations in Geneva, Yury Ambrazevich, participates in the 64th annual session of the Trade and Development Board of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

In his statement, Y.Ambrazevich called on the UN to continue the dialogue on the theme of “integration of integrations”. As the Belarusian diplomat noted, Minsk intends to contribute to the processes of harmonization of interaction between regional and subregional economic unions and other integration associations. Belarus stands for the establishment of a regular global platform for discussion on the processes of interaction and compatibility of regional integration processes.

It was underlined that Belarus was interested in continued recourse to Minsk as a forum for dialogue on the topic at stake as a follow up to international conferences held in Minsk in partnership with the UN Economic Commission for Europe in 2016 and in the framework of Belarus’ presidency in the Central European Initiative in 2017. In practical terms, it was suggested to UNCTAD Member States to consider holding an international conference of representatives of leading regional economic integration associations from various parts of the world in Minks in 2018 or 2019.

Y.Ambrazevich drew particular attention to the fact that Belarus was situated at the crossroad of the European and Eurasian economic integration processes and, therefore, supported the idea of practical approximation of regional integration entities. For Belarus it is vital to enjoy effective economic cooperation with the neighbors both to the East and to the West, within the framework of integration in the Eurasian Economic Union and in relations with the European Union.

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