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Communique on the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Kingdom of Spain


On February 13, 2017 the Republic of Belarus and the Kingdom of Spain celebrate an Anniversary – 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Historically Belarusian – Spanish relations are characterized by mutual interest and constructiveness, are fruitfully developing both in bilateral and multilateral formats.

Provided by Spain support of the Belarusian course towards economic and political independence, multi-vector external policy, as well as initiatives of our state, directed to maintain peace and stability on the European continent,  is highly appreciated by the Belarusian side.

Starting from 2014 bilateral cooperation between the two countries became substantially active, visits of governmental and parliamentarian  delegations are organized, the legal base is in the process of development, joint projects in the sphere of trade and economy are in the process of realization. The wide spectrum of issues, including human rights, are under discussion in the framework of political dialogue between Minsk and Madrid.

The cooperation in humanitarian, cultural and educational spheres is developing actively. Spain occupies third position among the foreign countries on acceptance for rehabilitation of Belarusian children from affected by Chernobyl nuclear power station accident areas. More than one thousand of Belarusian students are annually receiving qualification as a Spanish language specialist, practical trainings exchange of professors and students and joint scientific research are carried out. Direct contacts between leading museums, libraries and educational institutions in the sphere of culture are established.

Great importance by both countries is given to the development of interregional cooperation. The Honorary Consulates acting in both countries fulfil a special role in this process.

Being one f the most influential state in Europe and in the world, Spain is considered by the Belarusian side as one of the priority global and regional partners of our country with great potential for further development of bilateral relations. This was confirmed by the decision of the Government of Belarus to open the Belarusian Embassy in Madrid, that started to function in December of 2016.

All events organized in Spain, related to the beginning of diplomatic presence of Belarus in this country, including participation of Belarusian delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, attracted great attention of the Belarusian and Spanish media.

The Belarusian side expresses hope for the short-term decision to open  the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in the Republic of Belarus, that will  contribute to further development of Belarusian-Spanish intergovernmental  relations.

One of the main priorities of interaction between our two countries is the development of trade and economic cooperation. intergovernmental Memorandum on economic and industrial cooperation that previews creation  of effective  institutinal body – Belarus-Spain Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation – is planned to be signed.

Belarus is interested in further progressive development of bilateral relations with Spain on the entire spectrum of directions, including political dialogue, interaction in the sphere of trade and economy, cooperation in humanitarian, cultural, scientific and educational spheres, expansion of people to people contacts.

We are confident that further strengthening of Belarusian – Spanish relations responds to strategic interests and aspirations of the people of both countries.