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Belarus and UN Reform

The United Nations has consistently striven to adjust itself to a constantly changing world.

At present, the UN reform is a multifaceted process that encompasses all areas of UN activities, as well as all of its entities, institutions and agencies. Its purpose is to raise the effectiveness of UN activities in the current context, and strengthen its capacities in responding to multiple global threats and challenges.

Belarus proceeds from the assumption that UN system’s reform should seek a broadest agreement possible among UN Member States.

A key component of UN reform is to solidify the role of the UN General Assembly in addressing the whole range of challenges faced by the international community.

In this regard, Belarus fully supports efforts at revitalizing General Assembly’s activities. Belarus has been proactively involved in relevant negotiations. For instance, in its capacity as a Vice-Chair of the 65th session of the UN General Assembly, Belarus did its best to contribute to the above task.

In 2011, Belarus has actively participated in drafting resolution titled “Revitalization of the UN General Assembly”, which reaffirmed the General Assembly’s central role as the United Nations’ main representative and deliberative body.

Likewise, Belarus has a keen interest in seeing success along another vital component of UN’s transformation, that is, reform of the Security Council.

Our position on the issue is predicated on the following major elements:

  • improving Security Council’s working methods, enhancing its transparency vis-à-vis the General Assembly and Member States, preventing the Council from encroaching into the mandates of other UN principal organs;
  • achieving broadest agreement possible on a formula for Council’s enlargement;
  • allocating one additional non-permanent seat on the Council to the Regional Group of Eastern European States.

As far as reform of the United Nations social and economic realm is concerned, we advocate efforts that seek to reinvigorate the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOCOC). Belarus welcomes any ideas that serve to turn the ECOCOS from a body that is currently coordinating the activities of a number of UN thematic commissions and committees in social and economic area into an entity making fundamental decisions and recommendations here.

During its present term on the Council (2012-2014), Belarus is set to do its utmost to facilitate ECOCOS’ greater role in addressing acute global issues.

With regard to reforming UN operational activities for development that are currently underway within UN system’s various institutions, agencies and funds, Belarus takes the stance that every recipient country should have the opportunity to independently determine forms of UN institutions’ activities on its territory. With this in mind, the Republic of Belarus has been taking an active part in the inter-governmental dialogue on UN coherence.

Belarus generally supports UN senior executives’ measures related to administrative reform, like, for example, transformations that serve to make the UN Secretariat, secretariats of various UN agencies, funds and programmes, as well as UN field missions more effective and responsive in their activities.