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Belarus in the International Human Development Index

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a major UN institution in the area of global development, on an annual basis presents the ranking on Human Development Index (HDI) within its Human Development Reports. The ranking in the 2011 Report provides a comparative analysis among 187 UN Member States on a number of dimensions of human life. The index is a composite of three major components of human development.

The first is related to the opportunity to live a lengthy and healthy life, which is characterized by life expectancy at birth.

The second is about the opportunity to acquire education that is measured by the average duration of education and the average expected duration of education.

The third addresses the opportunity to enjoy worthy standard of living that is gauged by the per capita CDG in purchasing power parity.

Compared to the 2010 Report, the Human Development Index for Belarus has increased from 0,732 to 0,756. With this figure, Belarus continues to occupy a solid position in the group of countries with high human development. Belarus HDI’s individual components have increased, too. For instance, its GDP per capita in 2011 has reached US$ 13439 from that of US$ 12926 that was registered in the 2010 Report. Moreover, its life expectancy has grown in one year’s time from 69,6 to 70,3 years.

The Republic of Belarus stands in the 65th place in the HDI ranking for 2011, and is still ahead of all other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. For example, Russia is ranked 68th, Kazakhstan – 68th, Ukraine – 76th.