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Regional SDG Coordination Leaders Forum: Building a Partnership to Underpin National Sustainable Development Solutions

Partnership is vital for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Coordination and sharing of experience between nations is a pre-requisite to boost the capacity of countries and regions to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus and the National Coordinator on Implementation of SDGs in Belarus in cooperation with the United Nations are organising a regional forum to advance the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

The forum will gather senior national decision-makers from around the region responsible for coordinating the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

The event will seek to identify national experience, best practices and lessons learned on the way to accomplish the 2030 Agenda. The discussion will enable participants to develop a better understanding of common problems and obstacles encountered in the process of SGDs implementation and to consider policies, structures and processes to overcome them. The event could lay the foundation for the regional network of national SDG coordinators as a practitioners’ partnership to assist the achievement of SDGs.