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70th Anniversary of the United Nations

Belarus is one of the founders of the United Nations. Alongside the delegations representing 49 countries, the Belarusian delegation signed the UN Charter in San Francisco in June 1945 thereby becoming a founding member of the Organization. Admission into the newly born Organization of Belarus, which had not even been an independent state at that time, reflected international community’s recognition of the immense contribution that the Belarusian people had made to the victory over fascism in World War II.

New trends in the evolution of international relations that emerged in the wake of the Cold War rekindled an interest in the United Nations as a global platform where delegations from countries all over the world could freely express their opinions on a multitude of issues, as well as participate in effective global decision making.

The Republic of Belarus has been taking an active stand at the United Nations and at its various institutions and specialized agencies with the view of using their potential and capacities in the interests of safeguarding national security, protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as forging a positive image of the country abroad.

Nowadays, Belarus’ diplomats deal with multiple tasks in their everyday work at the United Nations. They assign a particular focus to advancing a number of Belarus-sponsored foreign policy initiatives, like the recognition of the diversity of ways towards progressive development and the establishment of global partnerships. Belarus is also vigorously working in the UN on some other topics, like middle-income countries, fighting trafficking in persons and trafficking in human organs. Moreover, we have been doing much of late to advocate the themes of the traditional family and youth. Through its initiatives, Belarus is essentially making a contribution of its own to global efforts that at finding solutions to numerous transnational threats and challenges. This stand, Belarus believes, helps make the world more peaceful, prosperous, and equitable.

70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, which the United Nations solemnized on October 24, was widely celebrated in Belarus. The events were held in honor of the anniversary in Minsk and regional cities. The Head of State, representatives of government bodies attended these events.

n October 23 President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko took part in the ceremony of planting Tree of Peace and Sustainable Development to mark the end of World War Two and the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Organization.

On October 19 the ceremony of unveiling a memorial plaque dedicated to the functioning of the Belarusian humanitarian mission of the UN took place at the Museum “Loshitsa Manor” — Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UN-UNRRA), which was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Makei.

From 23 to 30 October a unique anniversary project was implemented in Belarus – an express train named " The UN70 Express SDG” travelled all areas of the country." During the week, more than 150 UN staff, representatives of the Belarusian government, civil society, private sector, religious communities, diplomatic corps and ordinary citizens not only visited the regional centers, but also took part in hundreds of events. Express was marked by the symbols of the United Nations — “With a strong UN world gets better” Seminars, workshops, discussions, film screenings and forums were held on the board.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus also held a number of commemorative events.

On October 23, 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus hosted the opening ceremony of the exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the United Nations and Belarus' participation in the work of the Organization. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei, UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus Sanaka Samarasinha and the representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Belarus took part in the event.

A stamp dedication ceremony honoring the 70th anniversary of the United Nations also took place in the Ministry. The stamp was issued by the national postal service “Belpochta” jointly with the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the National Center of artistic creativity of children and youth held republican competition of children's drawing “The UN through children's eyes”, dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Organization.

On October 28, 2015 the ceremony of awarding the finalists, of the age group between 8 and 15 years took place at the Ministry.

Detailed information about past events in daily reporting of National News Agency — BelTA.

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