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Principles, goals and objectives of the foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus

Main principles, goals and objectives of the Belarus foreign policy are defined in the Law “On Approval of the Basic Directions of Domestic and Foreign Policy of the Republic of Belarus” as of November 14, 2005, No. 60-Z.

Belarus international activity is primarily aimed at ensuring state security and protecting national interests from any external challenges and threats, facilitating creation of favourable conditions for sustainable economic development of the country and prosperity of its citizens.

Equal integration of Belarus into global political, economic and cultural processes is an essential condition. It is of principal importance for our state to promote rights and freedoms of Belarusians abroad and preserve Belarusian ethnicity beyond the state borders.

Geographic location of Belarus at the crossroads of main transport routes between Europe and Asia, and our country’s complicated history, which experienced destructive consequences of numerous European wars and conflicts, predetermined a multi-vector approach in our foreign policy. It is aimed at building balanced and constructive relations with partners in various regions of the globe. In dialogue and development of mutually beneficial cooperation with its partners Belarus adheres to principles of pragmatism, consistency, mutual respect, equality, non-interference in domestic affairs, rejection of pressure or coercion.