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Our relations with countries and regions

Big neighbours: Russia & the European Union

Belarus wants to leverage the strategic partnership potential with the Russian Federation. Extensive mutual agenda is determined by a set of geographical, geopolitical, historical and other factors, complementarity of the two economies, and close cooperation between our enterprises.

Our key foreign economic goals in relations with Russia are: to increase our exports, to encourage closer ties with Russia’s regions, to expand our commodity distribution network, to attract more Russian investments.

While building up mutually advantageous cooperation with Russia, Belarus strictly sticks to the principle of unconditional preservation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the parties, accurate and responsible performance of international duties.

Our major priorities in relations with Europe are to intensify partnership with European countries in trade and investments, transportation, transit, to encourage simpler visa regime and closer cooperation in environmental protection.

Belarus is a reliable partner of the European Union not only in the aspect of maintaining social and economic stability of the region but also in such strategically important issues as ensuring military and political security, energy and environmental safety, crime control, fight against drug- and human-trafficking.

We stand for the development of an equitable dialogue and comprehensive cooperation with the European Commission and the EU Member States, including through the Eastern Partnership program.

Our long-term objective is to secure a balanced and mutually beneficial cooperation with both Russia and the European Union.

The post-Soviet area

Belarus is largely engaged in multi-aspect cooperation with the former Soviet republics at bilateral level and within the integration institutions – the Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasian Economic Union and Collective Security Treaty Organization.
We support further integration within the CIS, firstly in economy, free trade policy, military area and in heading off organized crime and terrorism.
Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) open up fundamentally new prospects in terms of promoting national interests of member states. The launch of EAEU on 1 January 2015 is a qualitative step forward in the formation of common market based on the norms and principles of WTO with the population of over 173 million people with high industrial, scientific and technological potential.

EAEU will contribute to the creation of additional conditions for modernization and sustainable development of the Belarusian economy by ensuring free movement of goods, services, capital and labor force, implementation of integrated policy in the key sectors of economy, development of cooperative ties, implementation of joint investment and innovation projects, common competition rules, standards and requirements for goods and services.
Belarus intends to assist in consolidation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in all directions (political, military, informational); in cooperation on fighting drug-trafficking, illegal migration; in encouraging closer cooperation between the CSTO and other international and regional organizations.


Belarus is planning to strengthen and expand the far edge of the foreign-policy allies and partners in Asia, Latin America, Middle Eastern and Africa and to bring cooperation with them up to the level of strategic partnership.
Trade diversification, expansion of economic cooperation with the states of the above-mentioned regions is a significant premise for the growth of Belarusian export-oriented economy.
Main avenues of cooperation are the intensification of political and economic interaction with traditional partners (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Vietnam, Egypt, India, Iran, China, Cuba, the UAE, Syria, Japan, South Africa), the development of a dialogue and active penetration into the markets with a substantial potential for a mutually beneficial cooperation (Angola, Australia, Bolivia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Qatar, Columbia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Ethiopia and other countries).

United States

Belarus supports the development of a constructive and equitable dialogue with the US, expansion of full-scale bilateral collaboration on urgent issues of global agenda (fight against human-trafficking, counteraction to drug distribution, cybercrime, and distribution of child pornography in the Internet, security of nuclear sites, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction), based on mutual interests.